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CM Counsel Counseling, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry

Therapeutic Practices

Our therapeutic approach is holistic and comprehensive, and our goal is to provide individualized treatment that specifically addresses your needs. We work with you to develop the skills necessary to cope with difficulties now and in the future.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of treatment that focuses on the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  By exploring the thoughts and beliefs that triggering problematic behaviors and feelings, you can identify goals to adopt healthier patterns of thought and behavior that can improve your coping skills and quality of life.

Mindfulness Based Therapy

Mindfulness Based therapeutic approaches use meditation or meditative techniques to focus the mind on the present moment rather than thinking about past or future events that trigger anxiety, depression, anger, etc.  The therapy helps you to develop a nonjudgmental attitude towards thoughts and feelings and develop a kindness toward yourself.

Behavioral Therapy

In Behavior Therapy, the goal is to reinforce desirable behaviors and reduce or eliminate maladaptive behaviors.  Behavior Therapy is goal and action oriented.  Often, the therapy focuses on making changes in both your internal and external environments to affect changes in problematic behaviors.

Interpersonal Therapy

Interpersonal therapy focuses on the relationships that people have with others and the goal is to improve interpersonal skills.  The therapist will help you explore and evaluate interactions with others while becoming more self aware of patterns of difficulty relating to and getting along with other people as a means of effecting change in behaviors and feelings.


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) is a type of psychotherapy that enables people to heal from emotional distress caused by a disturbing experience.  The approach focuses on past disturbing memories, current situations that cause pain and developing the skills needed for positive future actions and feelings.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy, also called Insight-Oriented Therapy, focuses on enhancing your self-awareness to affect change through understanding the influence of past experiences and feelings on your present behavior.

Brief Therapy

Brief Therapy, also called Solutions-Focused Therapy, concentrates on a specific problem and is goal-oriented.  With the help of  your therapist, you will identify your strengths and the options for changing the problem for both the present and the future.

Eclectic Therapy

With Eclectic Therapy, the psychotherapist  uses a variety of therapeutic techniques and modalities to individualize treatment to meet your specific needs.

More Therapeutic Approaches offered by CM Counsel Practitioners:

Stress Management

Relaxation Training & Guided Imagery


Parenting Skills Training

Family Centered Therapy


Gestalt Therapy

Client Centered Therapy

Reality-Based Therapy

Functional Family Therapy

Systems-Focused Therapy


Motivational Interviewing

Strengths-Based Therapy

Dance & Movement Therapy

EFT (Tapping Therapy)

Life Coaching